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Famous Jewelry Store offers fine jewelery, diamond jewelery, rings, earrings, gemstones, jewelry for wedding and engagement, bracelet, necklace and more, buy online at Fine Jewelery Store. Information on gemstones and birthstones.

Famous Gold Jewelery

Famous Jewelry Store

Buying wholesale Gold Jewelry is a great way to save money and buy affordable gold jewelry. While this strategy might not work out for the individual buyer, group buying of wholesale gold jewelry can get you affordable pieces.

Famous Gemstones

Yellow sapphires are beautiful gems and price varies as with other Gemstones according to color and clarity. A stone fairly free of internal flaws and of an attractive color and "saturation" of that color will bring a higher price than a cloudy gem with a faded color. With colored gems of all sorts, it is difficult to specify a particular shade of color, yellow in your case.

Famous Diamond Pendants

Diamond cross pendants have become a marvelous way for people to faith to show their faith as well as wear an attractive and distinctive piece of diamond jewelry. There are quite a few styles and types of pendants and chains to choose from when one is looking for a new pendant , and here are a few things you may want to keep in mind when you are out shopping.

Jewelry Is The Gift Of Love

There are never enough ways to show your partner or significant other the love you have for them. The words “I love you” say an awful lot and there can be no substitute. Fine jewelry comes a close second.Roses and chocolates are surpassed by the merest whiff of jewelry. Roses may be red and violets blue but, let's face it – diamonds are forever.

A woman should be showered with praises and presents that would symbolize the love that the man has for her. And often. True love cannot be measured but it can be rewarded. Jewelry is the ideal way to show a woman that you love her.Guys need not worry anymore. Though you may not be able to give expensive jewelry like diamonds, romantic yet affordable jewelry choices are now in stores and online. Special moments are still possible with these new soulful and inexpensive jewelry types. It just needs thought.

Saying “I love you” with jewelry can persuade a man to be more confident with the love they can give. Jewelry is showy – and giving it demands confidence. In this modern time, giving a ring represents the beautiful, extraordinary and treasured love you and your loved one promised to share. Jewelry doesn’t need to cost much and it need not to be a diamond or other precious gem. Even high royalties receives engagement rings in sapphire or ruby. Jewelry should, however, express the kind, considerate and caring significance of the love and positive emotion that a man has for a woman.

By buying a gift of Jewelry you will be making someone special and you will have the knowledge that you have given a tangible symbol of love.

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Jewelry Stores :
Last but certainly not least, one may find the perfect piece of antique jewelry at their local jewelry store. Some stores will have a display case set up solely to display antique jewelry for sale. These types of stores as with the antique stores may also have a good collection of estate jewelry and one should certainly take a trip over to the store to see what type of items they may offer which fall into this genre.

Beautiful Craftsmanship of Antique Jewelry :
It is often said that they simply do not make things these days in the same durable, exquisite fashion as they did in the past decades and centuries. This applies to many different things yet can be said to apply to antique jewelry as well. The way in which these types of pieces were crafted not only presents a beautiful finished product but it is often one which will stand the test of time.

Antique Jewelry as an Investment :
Antique jewelry is also purchased by some as a type of investment. Since many pieces of this type of jewelry tend to appreciate in value as the years progress, some may buy antique jewelry not to wear but to display or resell at a later time. Investing in the historical value of antique jewelry may be a wise decision for certain people to make. Even if the jewelry is not going to be worn, it is still going to be appreciated one way or another. Investment purposes are another cited reason why jewelry shoppers buy this type of item.

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Men Love Jewelry Too

Fine Jewelry is a symbol of a person’s status. People, especially the ladies, show off their jewelry to reveal their social standing and their wealth. Jewelry is also used to show other people how fashionable the wearer is. Admittedly, people dress up more if they have jewelry on.
This love for jewelry is not just exclusive to women, however. Although women commonly wear jewelry to a greater extent than the male population, we now see some men displaying their jewelry for more or less the same reason as the females.

Rings for Men :
When one steps into a jewelry shop, it is easy to recognize the jewelry made specifically for men. Jewelry made for men are usually chunkier and heavier than jewelry made for women. Take a ring, for instance. The rings made for men are usually bigger and heavier and they usually have squared centers. On the other side of the display, the women’s rings are more rounded in shape; they are also smaller and lighter.
The disparity between the jewelry meant for men and jewelry meant for women certainly makes sense. It is hard to imagine a man wearing a thin band of gold with a raised, fiery diamond at the center that is suited to long, slim, feminine fingers. Most guys would go for rings that have simpler designs. Thus, it is more reasonable to expect a man to wear a plain platinum or gold band or perhaps a band that has recessed diamond studs. Men may wear a ring with a central stone (like a ruby) at the center, but this ring is likely to be wide-banded and the stone is likely to be recessed at the wide, squared center.

Necklaces and Bracelets for Men :
The same also applies to bracelets and necklaces. The necklaces for men are usually longer to match the girth of a man’s neck and chunkier to accentuate his masculinity. They also are not likely to contain diamonds or fancy stones anywhere. A pendant is not likely to grace men’s necklaces either.
Moreover, women’s bracelets may have charms adorning their whole length while men’s bracelets are likely to be plain platinum or gold links with no embellishment whatsoever.

Earrings for Men :
Earrings, too, are no longer considered solely feminine. Some men find earrings appropriate. Unlike the females, though, men do not wear earrings to enhance their attributes or to accentuate their face. Males usually wear earrings as a symbol of defiance against a society that deems earrings inappropriate for male use. Earrings make a man look rakish and encourage the image of a rebel and a rouge.
Usually, though, men who wear earrings do not wear a pair. If each ear is adorned, the adornment would not usually be symmetrical. Thus, you will normally see a man wear a dangling or a stud earring on one of his ears, or studs of differing numbers on each ear.

Watch for Men :
A watch is probably the only jewelry most, if not all men, will willingly wear. Most men, however, wear a watch because it’s functional. However, men do consider the appropriateness of a watch to his attire and his activities. Businessmen prefer using a time piece or a watch fob, or a plain yet elegant gold or platinum watch. Sportsmen, on the other hand, will prefer waterproof, scratchproof and extremely durable watches to slim watch bands.
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The Value Of The Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry enthused by the many people, because its for circular and sparkle. An interesting process the happening of pearl, requiring sufficient time. There is reach hundreds of year. This making pearl become expensive. Typical of pearl. A pearl is a hard, rounded object produced by certain animals, primarily mollusks such as oysters. Pearls can be used in jewelry and also crushed in cosmetics or paint formulations. Pearl is valued as a gemstone and is cultivated or harvested for jewelry.

The value of the pearl jewelry is determined by a combination of the luster, color, size, lack of surface flaw and symmetry that are appropriate for the type of pearl under consideration. Well-balanced combination among of the luster, color, size, will make the value of pearl jewelry excelsior. Among those attributes, luster is the most important differentiator of pearl quality according to jewelers. All factors being equal, however, the larger the pearl the more valuable it is. Large, perfectly round pearls are rare and highly valued. A pearl like this, a lot of searched by collector of pearl jewelry. Pearl often in wearing in earring, ring, choker hence is often referred as pearl jewelry. Teardrop-shaped pearls are often used in pendants. Irregular shaped pearls are often used in necklaces.

Pearl jewelry come in eight basic shapes: round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and ringed. Perfectly round pearls are the rarest and most expensive, and are generally used in necklaces, or strings of pearls. Semi-rounds are also used in necklaces or in pieces where the shape of the pearl can be disguised to look like it is a perfectly round pearl jewelry. Button pearls are like a slightly flattened round pearl and can also make a necklace, but are more often used in single pendants or earrings where the back half of the pearl is covered, making it look like a larger, round pearl. A pearl jewelry will be more be beautiful if allied by jewelry other, like ring choker, bangle. Pearl Jewelry get the assessment from more amount woman than other jewelry. You wish to own the beautiful pearl jewelry, pay a visit to shop jewelry and don't forget to bring the guide if you not yet known about pearl jewelry.

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Now Online Fine Jewelry Purchases Increasing

Fine Jewelry is Just a Click Away

With Americans spending over $50 billion each year on jewelry and watches, it's no wonder that online fine jewelry purchases are increasing by leaps and bounds. Instead of traipsing through malls in search of the perfect ear pins, belly rings, and necklaces, consumers can shop for fine jewelry from the comfort of their own homes.

When shopping for fine jewelry - whether you're looking for earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, or body jewelry - it's important to have an understanding of the basic materials and stones that are used in the making of fine jewelry.


Yellow Gold - Pure gold (24 kt. gold) is too soft to use in jewelry, so it's typically combined with silver to form a metal alloy consisting of 14 kt. gold.

White Gold - White gold is colorless, like silver, but won't ever tarnish, and is typically a combination of gold and nickel.

Sterling Silver - Like gold, fine silver is too soft for use in jewelry, so silver is combined with 7.5% of other metals (typically copper) to produce sterling silver.

Platinum - A beautiful silver-white color, platinum occurs as an alloy in nature. It's tarnish-resistant qualities and durability make it a favorite material for fine jewelry.

Gemstones :

Jewelers incorporate a wide variety of gemstones into fine jewelry. From diamonds to pearls, from rubies to sapphires, gemstones can add sparkle and personality to earrings, ear pins, and ear cuffs. Today, many jewelers use simulated gemstones, which offer the sparkle of the "real thing" at a fraction of the cost.


Fine jewelry that incorporates birthstones is a perennial favorite, especially when given as a gift on the recipient's special day. According to the premiere online destination for fine jewelry, the following gemstones and colors are associated with each birth month:

January: Garnet (dark red)
February: Amethyst (purple)
March: Aquamarine (pale blue)
April: Diamond (starlight)
May: Emerald (light green)
June: Pearl, White (pearlescent)
July: Ruby (red)
August: Peridot (pale green)
September: Sapphire, Blue (deep blue)
October: Opal (moonlight)
November: Citrine (yellow)
December: Topaz, Blue (sky blue)

Trends :

Knowing the latest jewelry trends is always helpful when buying fine jewelry for yourself or as a gift. This season, celebrities are wearing ear pins and ear cuffs both on and off the red carpet. Fine Jewelry has the largest selection of ear pins on the Web, and they can be worn with either pierced or unpierced ears. Whether make from gold or silver, ear cuffs add the extra touch needed to make you stand out from the crowd.

Belly rings are also given the once-over this season, with gemstones being key. Change your belly ring to reflect your mood, and show off the toned tummy you worked so hard to develop!

Online Shopping :

When shopping for fine jewelry online, it's important to find a reputable site. Fine Jewelery Store is the leading online retailer for unique fine jewelry. With a huge selection and an easy-to-use online catalog, you'll find the latest jewelry fashion without the hassle of mall shopping. Be sure to visit them today.

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Gold Jewelry Fashions

Gold has been in fashion since the early Egyptian societies adorned almost every part of their bodies with Gold Jewelry over 3000 years ago. Earrings appeared in Egyptian fashion around 1500BC. However, Pharaohs have not been recognized as wearing earrings. Mycenaeans wore gold finger rings while the Greeks adorned themselves in many gold jewelry varieties. Women wore necklaces, diadems, rings, bracelets and wreaths. Men ornamented themselves with finger rings and wreaths. Aphrodite, Eros and Artemis were worn as decorative figures on necklaces. Chokers figured prominently in Greek gold jewelry adornment. Greek men wore earrings that were thought to be an effeminate expression.

From 300-400AD in China, hair ornaments were crafted of gold. Ornamental filigree and granulation was applied as well as the setting of precious stones. Ancient Chinese men and women wore gold earrings as a sign of popular adornment, with the higher status peoples wearing gold and silver and the lower classes bronze and copper. Necklaces were not popular among the Ancient Chinese prior to 700AD. In ancient Japanese culture, jewelry was very rare aside from a few hair ornaments. India began the tradition of wearing gold nose rings circa 900-1000AD, which was introduced by the Muslims.

In Medieval times, gold jewelry of brooches, rings, pendants, belt clasps and hat badges were generally worn adorning clothing and by both men and women. From the 14th century on, a heart-shaped gold ring brooch became a popular symbol of love between paramours. Jeweled necklaces and tight chokers returned in the late 15th century as necklines plummeted, revealing milky white skin that complemented a bejeweled throat. Bracelets and earrings were again worn by the upper class. The wealthy started to carry gold personal cases (pomanders), often intricately inlaid with jewels and depicted motifs, holding snuff or personal wares.

Another curious style of jewelry was the prayer books, which hung on a chain from the waist to the hem of a woman’s skirts. Italians are credited with the wise decision of wearing jewelry to embellish beauty, rather than as a sign of status. Men of the Italian Renaissance did not adorn themselves with much jewelry, preferring instead elaborate hat jewels. The advent of gold chains returned, with both men and women partaking in the fashion of adorning their necks. In the 17th century, Baroque fashion saw the rise of intricate detail and ostentatious design of flowing silk fabric, bringing the French court to the forefront of fashion trendsetting. In the classic revival period of the 19th century, traditional Roman cameos reemerged as fashionable, pale faces surrounded by gold.

A set of short gold chains, also known as the chatelaine, were used for carrying keys and other wares from a woman’s belt. Louis XIV influenced jewelry fashion when a small gold locket was named after his mistress, Lavaliere. In the later 1800s, after excavations in Etruscan, Roman and Greek tombs and ruins revealed the jewelry of the ancient civilizations. As it happens, fashion would follow in history’s footsteps with this retro-discovery and it became trendy to wear archaeologically correct styles of jewelry.

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